XML Authoring Tool Smackdown Week

Eric is on vacation this week, so Publicious is without its resident XML g-nee-us. So in his stead, I am going to devote the week to a look at a dozen XML authoring tools. I guess I could’ve called it “XML Idol”, but I have never watched that show, so there’s too high a fraud factor in the reference.

The tools fall into into three categories: stand-alone applications, browser-based tools, and Microsoft Word add-ons. Tuesday through Friday, I’ll pick three tools and write up what I know about the authoring experience, integration issues, technical specs, system requirements, and misc info.

Here’s the list:

eXtyles by Inera

XPress Author by Invision/ Quark

ArborText Editor by PTC

Authentic by Altova

OpenOffice by OASIS

Oxygen XML Author by SyncroSoft

Serna Enterprise by Syntext

PageSeeder by Weborganic

PowerXEditor by Aptara

XMAX by Just Systems

XMetaL Author by Just Systems

Xopus by Xopus B.V.

This is a non-zero-sum smackdown. At the end of the week, there won’t be a “winner,” each tool has its target audience, strengths, and weaknesses. As always, YMMV. My goal is just to lay them all out to help anyone who’s interested to get a feel for some of the options out there.