Book Report: The Art & Science of CSS

I was at the library today and snagged another book that I’m excited about: The Art & Science of CSS by an Australian publisher called Sitepoint. It’s written by a team of 5 “visionary” Web designers, one of whom lists in her portfolio. It’s definitely not for anyone new to CSS. It assumes you already know all about selectors and properties. By page 12, we’re already into JavaScript for sIFR.


I already have and love Eric Meyer’s Cascading Style Sheets. But this one has the advantages of being somewhat easier to read, newer, bigger (8 x 10) and with color examples. It’s definitely not as thorough as Meyer’s book, which can’t be beat for covering every last detail, as O’Reilly books always do.

But The Art & Science of CSS feels fresh, as does the Sitepoint website. If nothing else, it gives me a break from the look and feel of the O’Reilly and Peachpit (Real World and Visual QuickStart Guides) books, which I’ve been reading for the last 10 years. And thanks to one of the author’s links, I learned my Blogger code:

B1 D+ T- K S+ F+ I O++ X- E L- C– Y1 R- W- P+ M2 N- H

I’ll assign myself the book report on this one and come back here with anything truly shareworthy.