Layers of Awe

I’ve been dragging a mouse around a Mac screen for over two decades/more than half my life/since Max Headroom was spokespersonality for New Coke. So I’d like to think it takes something insanely cool to get me all worked up. Well, today I came across something insanely cool thanks to Branislav Milic, the guru’s guru when it comes to InDesign. He sent me a link to a simple application called Layers. Layers raison d’etre is “screen forensics.” Think CSI Macintosh. It allows you to save your screen as a layered PSD image, a composite PNG, or as a bunch of separate images. Everything, and I mean everything, down to each icon in your menu bar, can be a separate layer if you like. The whole idea of a screen grab just changed. Every window, every icon on your desktop is separately manipulable. Every object can easily be moved, adjusted, deleted, whatever you like. If you don’t regularly have to capture high quality screen grabs, you are allowed to roll your eyes at me and yawn. But I have to document applications all the time and to me this is freakishly cool and useful. And it’s $15.