Google Juice Tastes Publicious!

It cracks me up that if I Google “CS5” Publicious is in the top spot.

Picture 2

So far, about 27,000 people have clicked that link too. That is some good Google Juice for this humble little blog. Hopefully not too many of them left disappointed or disgusted after they saw it was a gag. Maybe I should add a disclaimer.

And then there are tools like the scrapers who re-posted “CS5 Revealed!” after carefully removing the references to Publicious from it. Thanks guys. A link would’ve been nice.

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Sigh. C’est la vie.

Hmmm, maybe I should do a “CS6 Revealed!” post…

CS5 Revealed, For Real

Well, a little. If you like your geek in big thick slabs, check out the Adobe Creative Suite Developer Summit. It runs through Friday, May 15th and offers live, free sessions (via Adobe Connect) on many cutting edge  Adobe technologies, including stuff that may find its way into Creative Suite 5.

Note that this is a developer conference, not a user conference, so be prepared for tech talk about creating apps and plug-ins and features. Still, you don’t need to be a developer to appreciate the impact of what they’re talking about.

If you can’t watch the sessions live, many of them are being recorded so you can catch them on demand. I’ve seen some really cool stuff so far, mostly to do with Flex and Flash working their magic on the user interface of Creative Suite applications. One more reason to attend: if you watch the sessions and fill out the comment forms, you’re eligible for a free copy of Flex Builder, so you can make your own cutting edge goodies.

CS5 Revealed!

Yes, that’s right my friends, CS five! Anybody can show you CS4, but only here at Publicious will you get the scoop on CS5. We have obtained super secret plans from our moles within the Adobe empire, revealing a radical new direction for the Creative Suite.

Codenamed XMullet, the Creative Suite is being reworked from the ground up, with a decidedly retro-shock flavor. In addition, it’s clear that Adobe is following in Apple’s footsteps, and providing an end-to-end software-and-hardware package. None of CS5 will run on Mac or Windows. Adobe software will run only on Adobe machines. What a gamble! These exclusive photos show just how far out of the box Adobe is thinking. Will the publishing world be ready?

Heavy metal typesetting: adjusting leading with actual lead! It’s so obvious; why didn’t I think of that?

Here’s one of their radical new input devices. Throw away your mice, trackballs, and Wacoms. You’ll be able to hold type in your hands.

A glimpse at the 3 enormous InDesign Server configurations powering the CS5 revolution.

Actually, I think that thing on the middle right might be a fridge.

Photoshop CS5 will bring a true 3-dimensional workflow. Images are spun around inside a clear drum. Hey buddy, put on some safety goggles!

Behold, Dreamweaver CS5’s mind-blowing Code View.

On top of it all, CS5 is totally “green.” This Illustrator CS5 workstation runs on diesel, but can easily be converted to run on vegetable oil.

Well, there you have it. What do you think? I for one, welcome our new Totally Awesome publishing overlords.