About Cinnamon

Cinnamon Cooper is a Chicago resident with more interests than Carl Sagan has turtlenecks. She’s also quite geeky, but with a hip, pop flair. Which is ironic since she’s starting to feel old since her hip pops on cold winter mornings. And she often has two brain waves: matter-of-fact and what’s-your-hurry? She’s been working in the printing and publishing industry since 1995 when she joined The Lantern staff at The Ohio State University on Wang computers (oh yes, green blink cursor, she did your bidding). Since then she’s printed large format color prints for companies that this buy-local gal would never shop in, she’s fretted about the turn on a 110-pound cardstock tri-fold brochure (oh, the cracking!), and she currently gets quite jolly when someone tells her “That’s a great idea, but we can’t do it in InDesign.”

A manager at a large textbook publisher, she delights in organization, efficiency, and breaking or fixing things with the digital tools at her disposal. She hates doing the same thing twice (whether its cooking a dinner, or laying out a file) because she gets bored easily. But she’s also frightfully anal-retentive with high standards and high expectations, for herself and for others. “Making templates is a lot like working at a sushi bar. Making 1000 California rolls is awful, but the practice and skill you gain while making those rolls makes your first knife cut on a piece of abalone that much better.” And while she usually leaves the sushi making to others, her approach to InDesign is similar to that of sushi chef. If only she could get the “Print Maki” button to work.

Cinnamon’s website is poise.cc


4 Responses

  1. Congratulations and best of luck on this new project!

  2. Don’t forget about printing RGB files to those CMYK large format printers, and then by requst of the customer having to match the print to the color file on-screen!

  3. Great to see your contributions here! Looking forward to reading more. Just one question: how do you divide your day into 3,000 different parts??

  4. Thanks, Mark.

    Oh, Trisha. You just gave me an idea for another post.

    Lisa, I don’t quite have 3,000 activities. But the ability to multi-task, the fact that I don’t have kids (despite what my cats think about themselves), and insomnia mean that I’ve got some time to fill and the ability to maximize the return on my time investment.

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