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Publicious is a blog about the tools and issues in publishing technology. It is the work of four people: Mike Rankin, Cinnamon Cooper, Eric Damitz, and Robin Storesund.

Mike is the founder and the person responsible for the care and feeding of the blog. He writes a lot about all kinds of stuff, but saves his InDesign posts for InDesign Secrets. Cinnamon is the Publicious guru of printing, prepress, and pages. Eric specializes in issues regarding XML. And Robin is the artist-and-designer-in-residence. If you want to know more about any of us, check out these pages.

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2 Responses

  1. Loved reading your description of McCain binding. I come from the era of book making when Smyth Sewn books were the standard for textbooks. Wonder how McCain stands up to traditional sewn books in longevity and durability? Anyone know? Current job requires me to produce law books with large page counts. Still use cloth covers etc.

  2. Hi There,

    I write to you in regards to T-shirt designs. I have seen your portfolio at http://publicious.net/and I must admit that I quite liked it. I am a part of a company called http://www.teezen.com that is engaged in selling limited edition t-shirts where we sell one unique t-shirt everyday and price will keep increasing in those 24 hours. I would like you to be a part of us.

    We are planning to launch this site in August 2009, please stay tuned with. Our ultimate aim is to cater to the world wide online shopping population and we intend to invite designers from across the globe.

    We will have revenue sharing model with our designers and some fixed amount for selected designs that we print and sell.

    Looking forward to work with you,

    Sophia Johnson

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