Update: Publicious To Go, New and Improved!

This is why you never proofread right before bedtime. Last night I uploaded the inaugural editions of Publicious To Go, with great fanfare (OK, one cat lifted his head). Too bad I didn’t notice the utterly craptacular hyphenation in (of all things) the article on typography.

I am teh FAIL!


After resigning myself to a life unburdened by credibility, I uploaded new and improved PDFs, this time without any hyphens whatsoever. Take that, lousy H&Js!

3 Responses

  1. Ah Mike I never even noticed! I hadn’t go that far into it though.

    Thanks for the PDF, it’s great to have.

  2. Oh man, I had a bad case of H&J’s in college. It took weeks to get over it. You really should get the yearly shot to prevent it since the dorms are a breeding ground for that sort of thing.

  3. Fritz-

    It’s why I only drink bottled water at work.

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