Publicious Links: The Hoist The Jolly Roger Edition

Y’arr, mateys. Your captain has sworn off rum in favor of GoogleJuice, so this week’s meme be pirates. Has anybody seen a stray parrot, answers to the name of “Preflight”?

By the way, according to the bean counters, InDesign CS4’s Live Preflight is worth more than a chest of Spanish doubloons. Well, OK, about $5 a week. Check out the Pfeiffer Report on CS4 ROI for details (Adobe ID required for download).

Next, read my 5 Random Tips at InDesign Secrets or I’ll have ye swab the deck.

Prepare the boarding party, part 1: More speculation on Apple buying Adobe.

Prepare the boarding party, part 2:  More speculation on Google buying Twitter.

Jack Sparrow just threw a squid at you on Facebook. Captain Hook’s posted a YouTube clip. Blackbeard’s tweeting up a typhoon. How do you get a handle on all the pirates in your life? Try an RIA that gathers all your social networks into one place, like Skimmer.

Flex Marks the Spot: Here’s a nice (and thorough) look at best and worst practices in developing a rich internet application: Architecture of RIA.

If your skull and crossbones is looking a little tattered, design a new emblem to strike fear into all who cross your path. psd tuts+ has an eye-popping tutorial on creating a Hellacious Flaming Skull in Photoshop.

Speaking of Photoshop, John Nack has announced that PICT is about to walk the plank. Wonder what InDesign and Illustrator features we can safely send to Davy Jones’ locker…

Till next week, I wish smooth sailing to you. And remember, dead men click no links.

5 Responses

  1. yarrrrrrrrr,

    Me says that Master Text Frame and InDesign 2.0 Compatibility (for joins in tables) should walk the plank.


    What is a pirates second favorite form of transportation?
    A Carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    What is a pirates favorite form of transportation?
    A ship.

  2. Yaarrr. I say we keelhaul the Pencil tool and its lily-livered shipmates. Hmmm, maybe this would make a decent IDSecrets post…

  3. Avast matey,

    the pencil tool, she is a fine instrument. Now, the smooth too shall be banished down to the depths of the sea.

    A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel on his crotch and asks for a beer
    the bartender asks what is up with the wheel
    The pirate responds, “yarrrrr, its driving me nuts”


  4. Dither me pixels, mateys!

  5. LOL, Victor. Where’s YOUR blog?

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