Introducing Robin

Last week I hinted that there would soon be a Fantastic Fourth contributor here at Publicious. Today I can reveal who that person is. Her name is Robin Storesund. Robin is a graphic designer, illustrator, and trainer with a wealth of experience and amazing skill.

When I first started working with her, many moons ago, I thought of her as the FreeHand Lady. I was an Illustrator guy, and never really “got” FreeHand. For me, it was like trying to draw right-handed (I’m left-handed). Always awkward. So I admired the fact that she could figure out FreeHand and actually make art with it. In the years since then, Robin became the first person I ever knew to become just as adept at Illustrator. Now, you can find her artwork in all kinds of places, from books to iPhone apps. On top of that, she’s a great trainer too. When she’s not making cool things, she’s teaching others how to make their own. Robin’s a trainer for Apple, and she’s been inside the Mothership in Cupertino. I am, of course, insanely jealous. And I feel very lucky to have her as a contributor to Publicious.

Welcome, Robin!

2 Responses

  1. [Blush] Thanks for the kind words, Mike! (BTW, I’m left-handed, too, even though I draw with a mouse using my right hand. Go figure.) I still miss some of the features that FreeHand had and now and then I wish Adobe would add them to Illustrator’s line-up of tools, but there’s no turning back now, is there? I only hope I can be as entertaining and informative as the rest of you here!

  2. Welcome Robin! What a great addition to the blog. I look forward to your insightful posts as you share your amazing and ever growing knowledge with rest of us who just sit back in awe. Lefties rock.

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