Color Wheel T-Shirt

I was shopping in Target (it’s pronounced Tar-ZHAY) this weekend, getting a typically thrilling assortment of toothbrushes, socks, batteries, and gum. And then I saw this shirt. I felt like Gmail had crossed over into my real life and was placing “targeted” merch in front of me. Was it publishing geek day at the mall? Dunno, but I bought the shirt. Definitely wearing it next time I do a Photoshop training. And next Saturday, I’m going to the shoe store to see if I can score some DocBook Martens.



11 Responses

  1. I think I need a new t-shirt. I really think I do.

  2. Genius! Who ever thought to put smiley faces on their is nothing short of a genius!

    Nice find – need to go to buy one on the internet somewhere… hmm

  3. *their = there

    I was in two minds what to write and forgot to change it

  4. OK, it looks like I’m heading out to Target myself, then. This will be just the thing to wear out in Cupertino.

  5. Love this t-shirt, what is the name on the label? who signed it?

    Cheers jimmybnyc

  6. Jimmy-

    The brand is Republic of Leisure. Threadless makes a similar one.

  7. i like this shirt A LOT, but it makes me sad that it’s dripping like it’s pigment of some sort, but it’s white in the middle like it’s light.

  8. Rachel-

    Agreed! It would be twice as cool without the silly drips. I saw a personal silk screening machine at a craft store the other day, maybe it’s time to start a Publlicious brand of technically correct t-shirts for graphic geeks. Hmmmm.

  9. @mike – i would totally buy your shirt! although i must admit, i did go to target and buy that shirt anyway! šŸ˜€

  10. i have this shirt

  11. i have that shirt

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