Operating System Blindness

I think I’m suffering from a new disease. OSB: Operating System Blindness. Sort of like snowblindness, but with pixels instead of flakes.

Last time out I wrote a little thing on two-fingered gesture support for the Creative Suite on my MacBook Pro. Then I left the MBP’s powercord at work, necessitating a frenzied copying of files off it before the battery died, and a moving of said files to Ye Olde PowerBooke G4. The G4 is the beater laptop in the family. The laptop of last resort. It’s tired, but it’s proud and I will squeeze every last spin out of that hard drive.

I immediately noticed that on the G4, the 2-fingered horizontal scroll works just fine, no Command key needed. Duh! Check the System Pref! Indeed, there I found the controls for horizontal scroll and zoom.


Sigh. Sometimes I think I have Adobe blinders on and forget that there’s an actual operating system sitting between me and the Creative Suite. I live in the Mac OS for so many hours of the day that it becomes transparent, and I forget it’s there. The cure for OSB, it turns out is a daily dose of RTFM, which as we all know means, “Read Things First, Mike.”

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