A Kind Gesture or Bartender, Pour Me Two Fingers of InDesign

This one’s for the laptop lads and ladies.

Even though I don’t have one of the latest and greatest MacBook pros which offer extended support for gestures in Creative Suite apps, I am still a fan of two-fingered trackpad scrolling. One finger on the trackpad moves your cursor. Two fingers on the trackpad scrolls the window. It’s just how I roll (the screen). It works in pretty much every app I’ve tried, and it’s just so smooth and easy, once you try it, you’ll never scroll any other way. Until they invent retinal-scan scrolling, this is as easy as it gets. Well, yesterday while working in InDesign I accidentally discovered it gets even cooler, and I kicked myself for not discovering the trick sooner. I forgot the Mac Geek’s Rule of Thumb/Index/Ring/Pinkie: if something is cool, add Command, Shift, or Option to make it cooler.

Hold the Command key and pull two fingers toward you to scroll right.

Hold the Command key and push two fingers away from you to scroll left.

Add shift and you jump a whole screen at a time (probably only useful when you’re zoomed in to the viewing level of an electron microscope).

Hold Option and pull two fingers toward you to zoom out.

Hold Option and push two fingers away from you to zoom in.

The left-right scrolling seems to only work in InDesign, but the others work in Illustrator and Photoshop too.

I am not alone in my fandom for these shortcut gestures. Some folks have been trying for years to spread the word, if only I’d been paying attention.








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