All Tweets on Deck

OK, one more Twitter post before I get back to my regularly-scheduled life.

Here are two Adobe AIR applications that evolve the Twitter experience, add functionality, and basically are just plain cool.

Tweetr is a Twitter client for Mac and PC that encapsulates your Twitter feed and allows you to send files up to 10 MB to your friends. It also integrates with your webcam to send pictures.


TweetDeck allows you to organize your Twitter feeds into categories, and filter tweets by source, username, time, or text. It makes things much more manageable. It’s like instead of everyone talking at the same time, you can tune in to a specific channel. You can also customize the look of TweetDeck. When I started using it, I immediately noticed cool tweets that I had missed before in the great avalanche of basic Twitter. Now all I need is a separate monitor for all that data. And a separate brain.



2 Responses

  1. TweetDeck has been one of the most invaluable tools I’ve found since embracing the twitter platform. The ability to search and filter is such a time saver. I think the twitter environment has some maturing to do, but all-in-all it is great.

  2. “Now all I need is a separate monitor for all that data.”
    This is the set-up I run at home – MacBook w/20″ external monitor, w/all the social media bits on the MacBook screen, and work on the external. Very handy, because I can ignore the small screen for the most part, and just glance over to keep tabs on new posts. (Sorry, can’t help w/the spare brain – I need one myself.)

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