It has become painfully clear to me over the last couple months that I need serious help filling Publicious with all the tasty treats that you readers deserve. Like rust and sharks, the Internet never sleeps. I get pangs of bloggy guilt for not posting more often. I started out thinking, “five posts a week would be cool.” Then it was, “shoot for four.” Then it was, “gee, even three’s tough.” Head injury aside, even three posts would be a miracle. I remember when I was a little lad, Nana Rankin saying as she fed me milk toast and Tang, “Sweetheart, if there aren’t at least three new posts a week, it’s not a really a blog.” She was a woman way ahead of her time.

Being mindful of Nana Rankin’s Golden Rule, I am recruiting some talented folks to join me here and share their wit and wisdom on publishing tech. And so it is my pleasure to announce a new contributor to Publicious, Eric Damitz. Eric is of my best friends in the biz, and an authority on XML workflows. He is famous (at least to me) for being able to cut through all the noise surrounding XML, and focus on the Vital Few Things that really matter. And he’s got the cred of someone who’s actually made real books with XML. Shelves of ’em. Eric is also a fellow Six Sigma Survivor. We trained together, so I’m sure we can team up some day and show how to use one-way ANOVA to bake a perfect muffin. Or deliver a NIMAS file set. Same thing.

He also happens to be a wickedly funny writer. And now he’s going to kill me for setting him up with a such a billing. Sorry man, them’s the facts.

BTW, Cinnamon’s not going anywhere either. The rumor is she’s been trapped under a credenza that was overturned by delirious celebrants in the Obama victory party. The perils of being a Chicagoan. I’m sure she’ll work her way out from under there someday. Either that, or I’ll try to get her husband to slide a keyboard under the crendenza and she can blog from there. I’m kidding. Obviously she’s not stuck under a credenza. It’s more like an armoire. You’ll be seeing more from her in the future here, as time permits. Hopefully others too.

I myself will try to get in the habit of mixing in some shorter, linky-type posts, like today’s on the bendy screens (and not treat everything like it’s a volume of frigging Proust).

Onward, upward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling, into the future!


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