Crashed and Rebooted…My Skull

My whole brain was out of tune
I don’t know how to tune a brain, do you?
Went into a brain shop
They said they’d have to rebuild the whole head
I said, “Well, do what you got to do.”
When I got my brain back,
Didn’t work right
Didn’t have as many good ideas
Haven’t really had a good idea since I got it fixed

–”My Brain” by Mark Sandman

I know exactly how he felt. A two and a half weeks ago, I had a rather nasty slip and fall accident in my house, hitting my head and knocking myself silly. As I came to on the floor, it was as if I had pressed the restart button on my head. Could almost hear the Mac startup chime. I went to the hospital and ended up spending eight hours in the ER, getting stitched back together, and having all manner of high tech (and I’m sure, outrageously expensive) tests. The one upside was that I got to keep a souvenir: a copy of one of the CAT scan images. Since we’re living in the Age of Oversharing, here it is. My CAT scan.


Yep, that’s my actual skull, those are my fillings, and that’s my cat. Well, one of ’em. I don’t know where the other one was hiding.

It’s pretty weird seeing inside your own skull, especially when the image is ultra high resolution, and you can zoom in to see some amazing details. Like this:


Um, yeah. Like I said, things got a little shaken up in there. I’m working on it.

2 Responses

  1. it’s because abe got the tambourine wrong, my whole life’s a misery…

  2. […] where you buy a ticket each time you see a doctor. This is exactly what happened last year when I cracked my head. Thus, we have a strict “severed limb” policy in our household. Anything less is […]

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