Cross-Promotional Log Rolling, Vol. 2

In this week’s episode of “The Content Re-cycler,” Mike points y’all to some lovely stuff on  a re-“print” of his InDesign Magazine article on 5 Type Tips. Suh-weet. If you’re not a subscriber to InDesign Magazine (makes a great gift—just sayin’), this will be new to you. It’s never appeared here or on Indeed, Mike is très excited to have his content on So much so, that he’s been writing in the third person ever since he found out—quite beside himself, actually.

In the spirit of the holidaze, I dusted off my long-neglected, random-thought blog, Brainpile, and posted my Top Ten Christmas CDs there.

Oh yeah, and just to top it off, here’s the purrfect chaser: a fresh CWL (cat with lightsaber). Captions anyone?


4 Responses

  1. […] Cross-Promotional Log Rolling, Vol. 2 « Publicious […]

  2. 1. Mike Rankin rocks. But if you’re reading this, you already know it.
    2. Love the CS list but am baffled by the absence of “A John Waters Christmas”
    3. OMG! How does that cat hold that thing?!

  3. Terri-
    1. Aw shucks.
    2. Will check out JW–after the kids are asleep.
    3. Very carefully, Terri. Veeeerrry carefully.

  4. Luke…I am your pussycat.
    Come to the Catside.

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