I Approved THIS Message?

Slowly emerging from the bunker of InDesign Master Class prep… I don’t think NASA worked as long sending a man to the moon as I have on numbered paragraphs. Anyway, it’s nice to breathe fresh air but the sunlight stings my eyes.

I’ve been catching up on current events. Apparently we have a big election coming up. I’ve gleaned that it’s an Irish guy, Joe O’Bama, who used to be a plumber, vs. Tina Fey and her grampa. Grampa Fey seems like a grouch so I’m voting for the plumber. And what’ up with Tina drilling mooses? I can’t support that.

In the spirit election season, here’s the first ever Publicious Poll. Florida voters please check your ballots for digital chads, and Ohio folks, I’ve got my eye on you—no “irregularities,” OK?


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  1. GO cat’s with lightsabers!

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