Quick! A Pie!

Much to my chagrin, I have never been able to get the hang of spinning pizza dough, tossing it into the air, and catching it. My best buddy used to work at a pizza parlor and he makes it look easy. There are other ways of stretching dough, but nothing beats the airborne method. Much like tossing pizza dough, Quick Apply is one sublime flick of the wrist.

Quick Apply Tricks:

• to trigger Quick Apply, press command+return, then start typing the name of the style, command or text variable you want.


• to apply a style, command, or variable, press enter/return
• to apply a paragraph style and remove overrides, press opt+return
• to apply a paragraph style and remove overrides and character styles, press opt+shift+return
• to apply an item and keep the Quick Apply list open, press shift+return
• to close the Quick Apply list without applying an item press esc
• to edit a style press command+return

Gotta love that last one. If you forget all the others, you will remember how to edit a style with Quick Apply since it’s the same flick of the wrist you used to open QA. Try it a couple times and you may find yourself becoming a Quick Apply Snob. Touching the Paragraph Styles panel? Dreadful. Who on earth has the time for that?

One other thing that will make for Quicker Style Apply: turn off all the options you don’t need:

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