Journey to the Center of the Screen

Two more little InDesign tips from the Didja Ever Notice Department, to keep you “centered.” They are both semi-obvious, but I have seen seasoned users smack their foreheads in disbelief that they didn’t notice these. My lawyer advises me to state that any injuries resulting from forehead smacking are not the responsibility of, me, or my two cats.

Didja ever notice that if you have an object selected and zoom either in or out (cmd+= or cmd+-) that InDesign attempts to scroll the window to keep the selected object centered onscreen? I say “attempts” because sometimes it’s not possible to center the object when you’re zooming out, or when the object is on the pasteboard. I think this is because the width of the pasteboard is fixed in size and based on the width of the document. In any case, it works pretty well with objects on the page, and you can use the trick to navigate to a different page when you’re zoomed out.

Like if you want to work on the blue box on page 4, just select it and press cmd+= a few times.

To get here.

Also, didja ever notice that if you cut or copy an object and paste it, it gets pasted in the middle of the screen? Back in the days before there was the option to Align to Page, this was how your grampa quickly centered an object on a page (Cut/Copy, Fit Page in Window, Paste). Back in his day the journey to the center of the screen was uphill. Both ways.

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