Call the DJ

If you’ve been reading Publicious for a while you have figured out that one of my hobbies is beating dead horses. If it’s worth bringing up once, it’s worth bringing up 5 times. That Fit Selection in Window thing was nearly the end of me. But this I promise will be the last word on the j thing.

One other neat way to remember and use the j trick in the Swatches panel is to combine it with the d key. Remember, d returns text and frames to InDesign’s default colors. For text, it’s no stroke, black fill. For frames, it’s no fill and a 1 pt. black stroke. If you play around in the Swatches panel with no objects selected, you’ll probably set a new and unwanted preference for coloring frames and text. Then you’ll place text from Word and it will come in with a gradient fill and a 10 pt purple stroke.

Yum! That’s actually kind of cool. But probably not what the client wanted.

To fix your muddled preference in 2 seconds, call on the DJ. With no items selected, press d for default, then j to switch focus, then d again, then j again. Just, djdj. If it helps (and you grew up in the 80s), picture Morrissey singing, “hang the DJ, hang the DJ.” The last j returns focus to text or frame, whichever you started with, so it’s very tidy.

And now I will never speak of j again. It returns to its former roles as H’s 2nd banana in Hyphenation and Justification, and i’s funky, if deformed cousin.


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