Accidentally Awesome

You gotta love accidental discoveries. Penicillin, chocolate chip cookies, the Western Hemisphere. All found by people who were trying to do something else. I don’t have anything as big as those to share with you, but today at work I did stumble on a trick for superslick application switching on my Mac.

If you’re a Mac user, you know about command+tab to invoke the list of running applications. They pop up into the middle of your screen and you can tab or shift+tab (click or hold) to cycle through them. It works well enough, so long as you don’t have fifty open apps and find your self tab tab tab tab tab tabbing to oblivion.

But what I didn’t know till today is that this list is aware of the mouse as well. Command+tab once to get the list. Keep command held down. Mouse over an app to choose it. Release command to switch. Very slick. There’s no clicking involved, you just glide to your destination. It’s almost too easy, since your cursor was probably in that vicinity anyway, and the app icons are big, inviting targets. It makes tab tab tabbing seem, like, sooo 2007.

Now my only question is, what do we call this technique? A keyboard shortmouse? Mouseboarding? Maybe just a mousecut. Guess that makes me the first Mousecuteer.

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