c20m100y100k13 Sox Baseball

Took the kids to Fenway yesterday for our annual Kid Nation game. Kid Nation is the Red Sox kids fan club where membership gets you access to discounted right field seats for certain (read: non-Yankees) games. If you can deal with a steel pole obscuring your view of an occasional infielder, it’s a good take. The Sox lost, but we had a blast anyway. I hadn’t been to a day game in years and forgot how much fun they are.

You get so swept up by the atmosphere, it almost seems rational that there’s a guy walking around selling 12-ounce Poland Spring waters for $3.75. Almost. Until you figure out that’s $40 a gallon. For water. Did I accidentally step onto the set of The Road Warrior? Am I having some post-apocalyptic nightmare where crime lords rule the day selling water for $40 a gallon? Nope, it’s just Major League Baseball. Whew–that had me worried for a minute!

At least the colors are free. The green grass is imprinted on the memory of all Red Sox fans from the first time they saw the field in person. As is the yellow of Pesky’s Pole. The red of the players’ socks. And the Green Monster itself. Fenway is a such feast for the eyes that I took lots of pics of the park to gather swatches for my Creative Suite apps. Here are those swatches, saved in PDF format (Fenway Day Game Color Swatches). Opening the PDF will add the swatches to Photoshop, or you can change the extension to .ase (Adobe Swatch Exchange) and load the colors into InDesign or Illustrator as well.


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