InDéjà vu

Just going along, minding my business in a longish document, when all of a sudden I am surprised to see a little white hand wave to me from the Pages panel.

Now we know in InDesign the little hand means “drag to scroll,” and sure enough I can drag to move what’s visible in the panel. I pause and ask myself, “Self, did we know about this?” Self does not reply, which in some ways is probably a good thing. But I am left with the weird feeling that I have always known about this “handy” feature. Earth humor, ar, ar, ar. And yet it seems entirely new. Have I been doing InDesign in my sleep? Sad to say, I have dreamt about InDesign. If I ever apply for a job at Adobe, I’ll be sure to include that on my cover letter. Insanity is a good differentiator.

There may be another explanation for my déjà vu. I’ve always told people to go to the Pages Panel options and uncheck “show vertically” to fit a lot more pages into the space.

Otherwise you aren’t taking advantage of all your screen real estate.

That, plus the fact that I rarely used to work with documents longer than 10 pages, meant that I never faced a Pages panel with a scroll bar. I could always see the entire document. Either that, or I’m about to wake up and realize that the last nine years have all been a…

Cue the wavy lines and swirling harps.

Oh. Excuse me (yawn) I think I fell asleep waiting for Quark to find pieces of missing art…

Y’know, I just had the strangest dream…

One Response

  1. heh.

    Do you have a System 9 machine hanging around or something?

    Thanks for the trip in the wayback machine…


    PS The little white hand is technically referred to as “Mr. Spanky.”

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