Oh Where Oh Where Has My Li-ttle Blog Gone?

Oh where oh where can it be?

Top Five Reasons Mike Has Not Been Blogging Lately

5. Been Photoshopping myself into the Celtics victory parade, high-fiving Kevin Garnett.

4. Been writing “I will not forget our anniversary again” on a chalkboard 5000 times.

3. Been driving hundreds of miles in search of gas under $4.

2. Been sulking since the 8-year-old’s blog scored 200 hits in one day.

1. Been designing a steampunk litterbox for the cats.

The merciless calendar mocks me. Two weeks and counting, dude. That’s like two months in internet time. Or three months in dog years. So if a dog wrote this blog, that would be like six months without any new content. WOOF! Saddest thing is, I STILL don’t have time to write anything more than this extended ping. But to assuage my guilt and give you hope that someday soon there will be new content here, I proudly give you…other people’s content!

First, we have Photoshop Disasters, a cautionary site for careless cloners. Six-fingered hands, missing belly buttons, severed hands, impossibly thin limbs, you name it. Monsters everywhere! And you only need to look a little closer at all the media around you to see them. Be warned, it is sometimes NSFW, but APDF (Always Pretty Damn Funny. I just made that up).

Oh and by the way, there might be a solution for THE WORST PROBLEM OF ALL TIME. No, not global warming. I mean the real problem that threatens to pitch civilization into violent chaos. Namely, adding a page to the beginning of a book, switching all the versos and rectos. A set of plug-ins from InTools allows you to set up any object with position relative to the spine. Genius! Stumbled on that one on an InDesign Secrets comment. I haven’t had a chance to play with the plug-ins yet, but when I do, I’ll report back here. If they work as advertised, you will hear the angels singing directly from your RSS reader.


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