Old Feeds Never Die…

…they just fade to gray.

There is a problem with one of the feeds from Publicious and it’s not updating to show new posts since last Monday, April 7. This really bugs me since feed readers will think I’ve been snoozing all week, when in fact, I’ve been burning the midnight electrons to keep fresh content here every day. And even bigger, better things are in the works. How’s that for a tease?

The URL of the dead feed is http://publicious.net/wp-rss.php

If that’s the one you used to subscribe, please ditch it and click on the subscribe button above.

Or you can subscribe manually with the URL http://publicious.net/feed/

Hopefully that one will behave. There’s a million things to write about, and I plan to keep adding content every day. So if you’re using RSS to scan Publicious and it looks like there’s nothing new for a few days, please come to the site. There will be new stuff, you can count on it.

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