Pass Me The Remote, Photoshop’s On

Adobe TV blinked to life today. As if I had any free time to give. Looks like there’s nearly 200 videos divided among 4 “channels” (photographer, developer, video professional, and designer) so far. What, no page layout geek?! (sigh) print est mort.

Flipping through the channels, I saw many of the usual suspects from the Adobe community: Russell Brown, Greg Rewis, Tim Cole, Julianne Kost, Scott Kelby and Matt Klozkowski, Bert Monroy. And a mix of training material from Total Training and Each “show” is supposed to have at least one new episode per week. I could spend an unhealthy amount of time watching this stuff. And I probably will.

Here’s the first episode of Flash in a Flash (FiF).

Ostensibly, this is a showcase for applications and techniques, but the real star is the “TV” itself, the Adobe Media Player, aka AMP. Last Fall at AdobeMAX I went to a session on AMP, and was fascinated by its potential, and Adobe’s vision for the future of TV. They’re very bullish on Flash being the platform for the future of all TV. I thought it would be a great platform for delivering video content to the classroom.

I’ll have to look back on my notes, but I recall a lot of talk about a million channels, people subscribing to their favorite shows the way you’d subscribe to their favorite blogs (hint hint), integrated advertising, and intense data mining. The last thing kind of gave me the creeps. Like they would be tracking your every click, pause, rewind, fast forward, how many times you watched a show, etc etc etc. Again, I have to find my notes to really remember the details. In the meantime, I will be enjoying a ton of free training videos. I may never sleep again.


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