Font Bits

A few font bits for your your lunchtimesuck:

Are you into fonts? I mean, are you really into fonts? Do you assign them personalities based on your experiences with them? Then check out Extensis’ amusingly creepy (or is it creepily amusing?) Typecaster videos that cast real people acting like fonts mixing in a singles bar.

I myself have an ongoing blood feud with Franklin Gothic. Back in the ’90s I would flee from the sight of Copperplate Gothic. Maybe I just have a problem with Gothics.

Know the name of a font, but not its look, or vice versa? Identifont will find it for you in a matter of seconds.

Lastly, I’m thinking of blowing $9 to have Fontifier make a font out of my handwriting. I don’t know what I’ll ever use it for, but it does fascinate me in a cyborgy kind of way.


2 Responses

  1. I got the $9 Fontifier version of my handwriting. The kerning is less than adequate, but for nine bucks it will do. If you have any font modification software (which I should, but surprisingly do not) you can go in and fix it.

    However, as it turns out, I don’t really need to! At they have a boatload of free handwriting fonts available for download and more than one of them is nearly identical to my own. I found the site through some other blog (I think) where the idea that designers all write alike was being discussed and this site was offered as proof.

    PS: I luuuuuuurve me both Copperplate Gothic and Franklin Gothic. I guess I’m just a goth grrl at heart.

  2. Very cool. Thanks for the link Robin. I’ll send them my handwriting and see if they pick it.

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