Now Serving number 8,911,336

Got my first hits from Technorati this weekend. Followed them back just to see what I look like from there. It is strange to see one’s words next to a flashing CapitalOne credit card ad, but such is life. Technorati also tells you where you rank in terms of popularity of the blogs it lists. Me? I have rocketed from nowhere to um, 8,911,336th place. Hey, everybody’s got to start somewhere. At least I cracked 9 million. I don’t think I could handle being over 9 millionth in line. I get antsy if there’s more than 2 people in front of me at Target.

Then I think, there’s somebody out there with the least popular blog in the world. What number is that? And what the hell are they writing about?

Anyway, I promise not to put (many) funny pictures of my cats “has cheezburger” to inflate my numbers.

And watch out Mr./Ms. 8,911,335, I’m gunning for you.

In terms of actual publishing stuff, I got an invitation today to an interesting conference that I probably won’t be able to attend, but I’ll read up on it anyway. It’s T.H.E. Journal’s Congress on the Future of Content. The goal is to “bring together leaders from all aspects of the educational publishing industry” and address 2 questions:

  1. What is your vision for content and how content should be delivered within the next five years?
  2. What are the barriers to implementing that vision?

Since educational publishing still pays my mortgage, and my kids are consumers of this stuff for 180 days a year (alongside vast amounts of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish), I will keep an eye on this one. I have my own answers to those two key questions, and I’d love to compare them to what the people at this conference are saying. Hopefully, they’ll post some public papers.

Apple is going to be there, but interestingly, no Adobe. C’mon people, there’s an opportunity here. Flash RIAs in the classroom, study hall, teachers’ lounge, on the bus (where my son does most of his homework)? Bring it on.

One Response

  1. Good luck with the blog, Mike. I laughed a few times reading it. I hope my perusal of it tonight, like purchasing a book ranked 8,911,335 on Amazon, helps with some upward momentum. You should consider advertising your blog on your linkedin “what I’m working on” area.

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